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A Brief History

Taking a look into the origins of
Money Laundering.

What is Money Laundering?

Definitions of the phrase
"money laundering".

How widespread is the Problem?
Estimate of the amount of
cash being laundered

The Money Laundering Process

The 3 stages of Money
Laundering - Placement -
Layering - Integration.

Stages of the Process

How Money Laundering Stages
are achieved.

Money Laundering Methods

Techniques used by money

How Can We Prevent It?

Some measures to prevent this

Affects on Financial Institutions

How laundering affects financial
institutions, legally and

Business Areas Prone To Money Laundering

Which businesses are targetted
by the money launderer?

UK Legislation

Which legislation in the UK covers Money Laundering.

Money Laundering Offences

What the five basic offences of Money Laundering are.

International Initiatives

Some preventative measures in place on an international level.

The Future

Future methods of Laundering cash?


Some conclusions we have made about this area of criminality.


Some recommendations on what can be done to strengthen the fight against this insidious crime.

Welcome to the IMLIB Money Laundering Information Site

One of the World's Top Internet Resources for Money Laundering information and Consultation.
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Money Laundering is a financial crime

A message from the Board of Directors:
As a non-profit making organisation, the International Money Laundering Information Bureau aims to provide an online resource for organisations or businesses that are potential victims of Money Laundering crimes.

"With the increase in financial traffic through the internet, now is the time to take steps towards protecting your company's financial assets."
Sean Wood.
Treasurer, International Money Laundering Information Bureau

This Website is about Money Laundering.

Money Laundering is a crime.

"Money Laundering is also the world’s third largest industry by value".

The purpose in this Website is to inform financial institutions and industries affected by money laundering on a subject that is relatively unknown to most businesses and yet has such a serious impact on them.

In a survey by the insurance industry it was stated that crime costs the UK £85 billion per year and that almost 70% of that is drug related. Criminals have to make this money appear as if it came from legitimate sources and this is where money laundering comes in to play.

There are now new laws to fight money laundering.

The UK money laundering laws are the first, other than emergency powers, which require any British citizen (or resident) to report to the authorities not just actual knowledge of a person that is involved in a crime but also any suspicions they have. Failure to make such a report is a criminal offence and the person who does not report such an offence, depending on the particular circumstances, can face up to 14 years imprisonment.

The UK Government has shown how serious they are by the fact that sentences carry no remission: a person sentenced to 14 years will actually serve 14 years. In most instances pleading ignorance is no defence and therefore, it is important that organisations and employees at risk are aware of their obligations under the legislation now in place. This places onerous obligations on many companies and their staff to report any suspicions they may have and as mentioned above the penalties can be severe for those ignoring these obligations.

Having given you this money laundering information, it is appropriate at this stage to state a disclaimer. Please note:-

Nothing in this site is intended to be legal advice in any circumstances. All readers are advised to take appropriate advice on their position having regard to their own circumstances. There is no contractual or tortuous relationship between you the reader and ourselves or any person contributing to this electronic document and no contributor will have any liability if you should rely on anything you read here.

Enjoy, and if you wish to contribute, please feel free to e-mail us.

For a copy of the Financial Action Task Force 40 Recommendations including the interpretive notes to the 40 Recommendations.  Click Here

About the author
Billy Steel   has an honours degree in Financial Services. He is interested in Money Laundering and the effects it has on all avenues of life, particularly relating to financial institutions. He is also interested in what has been generally acknowledged as the future strategy of the money launderer - i.e. the use of new technologies to avoid detection by law enforcement agencies and the future channels through which money laundering will take place.